Our Components Competition, launched in February to celebrate the release of the new Components Section of the site came to a close last week. First we must thank all those who contributed content to the competition as the entries were, without fail, of excellent quality. Choosing just two winners out of the brilliant entries was almost impossible but we have settled on the following two entries as the winners:

myhyli - HTML UI Components
Hamza Fawzi - Hierarchical Menu

These two components were chosen above others for their general usefulness. For instance, one of the HTML UI Component (it's a whole set of great components) allows a user to include an external JPG image just by dragging on a component and setting the appropriate properties; not a complicated feature but very reusable and generally useful.

The winners have each won themselves a copy of Multi Dimensional Media's amazing Flash Studio Pro software which adds over 200 new FSCommands to Flash's abilities.

We once again thank all contributors and commiserate those of you who did not win. Submissions to the Components Section are of course still very welcome via the automated submission form.