Kit contains Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, and ColdFusion components and extensions

SYDNEY Australia – 23 April 2003 - Macromedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: MACR) announced the immediate availability of Macromedia DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3, which contains new features and functionality for Macromedia MX software. The kit, the third of a quarterly series, hosts the most content ever and, for the first time, includes significant ColdFusion MX resources. With more than twenty components, extensions, utilities, tags, and sample applications, Macromedia DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 includes Macromedia Flash UI Component Set 5, an ActionScript Data Validation Library, PHP and ASP.NET reference extensions for Dreamweaver, a Data File Access utility for ColdFusion, and a set of RSS and news aggregator sample applications. For more information and a Macromedia Breeze presentation on the kit contents, go to

Unlike previous releases, Macromedia DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 is exclusively available to Macromedia DevNet Professional and Essentials subscribers for three months before it will be available for sale to the general public.

"Many of our developers can design user interface elements, ensure proper form validation, and write ColdFusion components, but these are common tasks that can take up a lot of development time," said Mike Chambers, product manager, Macromedia. "The key draw with the DevNet Resource Kits is that developers get high-quality, tested resources that give them more time to focus on the most crucial elements of their job, like delivering a great user experience, rather than making the glue to hook everything together."

Macromedia Flash developers will benefit from the Macromedia Flash UI Component Set 5, which gives them interface objects to streamline application development. For example, using the TextField component with the ActionScript Data Validation Library, both available in this kit, lets developers easily add forms pre-coded with rules for user-inputted data to their Macromedia Flash applications. Developers can also tap into resources for Macromedia Flash to produce and manage online syndicated content published in RSS or XML formats.

ColdFusion developers gain the ability to create applications that can interact with XML or comma-delimited files as though they were live databases. The kit also includes code to aggregate weblog content within a ColdFusion application to enable users to read their favourite content in one place.

ASP.NET developers gain additional Dreamweaver resources with this kit, including a reference extension from O'Reilly & Associates, and an extension for modifying form controls. For developers who work in large groups, a Team Administration Extension creates reports to keep track of activity, such as when files were modified and by whom. The extension also monitors the activity of Macromedia Contribute users.

Macromedia DevNet Resource Kit Volume 3 is available for download today to DevNet Professional and DevNet Essentials subscribers through their personalised subscription portal. The kit will be available for purchase to non-subscribers in late summer through the Macromedia Online Store. For information on becoming a Macromedia DevNet subscriber, which costs AUD$649 for Essentials and AUD$3159 for Professional, go to

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