April 27, 2003 - Flashation Web Menu Builder is a new, easy-to-use software package that enables users to create animated Flash buttons and menus for websites. It was launched into the Flash tool market on April 15, 2003. Flashation (www.flashation.com) is the first dedicated tool to offer offline creation of impressive and professional animated Flash buttons and entire navigation menus for websites.

Flashation offers exceptional Flash buttons with a wonderful after-glow effect. Users can create their personalized buttons and menus by simply changing the settings of the templates, such as colors, text, hyperlinks and animation. They can use as little or many buttons in horizontal, vertical or even diagonal rows as they like, and the buttons can easily be made to match the style and color scheme of a website. Users' settings are automatically saved in Flashation and the updating of a design is simple.

Nowadays 99% of web users worldwide are able to view Flash elements. More and more websites are making use of Flash but still very few people know how to use Flash. Flashation will help people who want to make an impact with their website to draw and impress their visitors. Users do not need any programming, design or Flash skills to be able to create web buttons with Flashation.

Flashation Web Menu Builder is compatible with all HTML editors and Macromedia Flash, so it is easy to incorporate the buttons into websites or Flash projects. File sizes are kept extremely low: just 4 to 8 KB for an entire navigation menu.

A unique feature of Flashation is the possibility to create an unlimited number of different layouts for navigation menus. It does not necessarily have to be a neat row of buttons from left to right or top to bottom. By using anywhere from one to as many as 250 buttons and arranging them in any configuration over many lines, horizontally, vertically and diagonally, a personalized layout can be formed.

The price for this tool has been set at US$29,95 but, as a special introductory offer, Flashation Web Menu Builder now sells for just US$19,95 for a limited time only.

Flashation already offers more than 50 unique button templates, and more will be added to the software in future upgrades. People who buy Flashation now will automatically receive upgrades with more buttons and expanded features, up to the next major version, for free.

More information and samples of web menus created with the tool are available at the website. A demo version of Flashation Web Menu Builder can be downloaded free of charge from the website at www.flashation.com.