Wild fx 3.0 is a major upgrade to Wildform’s text animation software

LOS ANGELES, CA – May 20, 2003. Wildform, creators of video and animationsoftware, today announced the release of Wild fx 3.0, a major upgrade totheir highly popular Flash text animation software, previously sold underthe name SWfX.

Wild fx 3.0 is a feature rich text animation software with 417 effects thatwork with a user’s installed fonts, including double-byte characters suchas Japanese and Chinese. With Wild fx creating a text animation is as easyas entering text and selecting an effect.

Wild fx has over 100 new effects, including 45 that are infinitelycustomizable. These custom effects can also be used as templates to createnew effects, which can be saved and added to the Wild fx library. All theeffects can be moved, deleted and organized in an easy to use drag and dropfolder tree. Other new features include the ability to add backgroundimages, text fills, gradients and strokes, text justification, an expandedHTML export option that includes pop-up javascript code, as well as a hostof automated Flash functions such as links, custom variables, looping, andon-click actions.

Wildform CEO, Jonathan Blank, commented, “Wild fx 3.0 represents a majorstep forward for text animation software. Its wide array of features and theability to generate new effects templates without requiring any programmingknowledge, make this an incredibly powerful tool, even for the novice user.And for those people who may be wondering why we changed the name of such apopular piece of software, there is a simple answer – because no one couldpronounce SWfX.”

Wild fx is $39 and is available for Windows and Mac. Current SWfX users canupgrade to Wild fx 3.0 for $25. The software continues to output .swffiles – the most popular media format on the web – which is ideal for awide variety of applications, including websites, CDs and presentations.

About Wildform: Wildform develops media software and resources includingthe Flix Flash video encoder, the Wild fx text animator, the Linx easy Flasheditor and the Wildform Video Library. For more information about Wild fxor Wildform, go to: www.wildform.com.