Midnight Coders announces availability of a beta release of FlashORB - industry's most comprehensive Flash Remoting platform. FlashORB is fully compliant with the Action Message Format (AMF) protocol and allows seamless integration with all Flash Remoting clients. FlashORB is simple to install and very easy to use. With 2 execution modes (standalone and hosted) and an extensible variety of supported service types, it is an ideal solution for building multi-tier systems with Flash User Interface. FlashORB provides a rich set of qualities and features for building distributed client-server systems. Some of the features are:

* Universal service inspection - Inspect any java object, EJB, web service or custom server-side component right from the Flash MX authoring environment.

* Service activation - Choose from session, request or application activation mode. Create your own activation schemes and have full control over object construction.

* Transparent invocation/argument adaptation - Design your services free of any special 3rd party classes. Have FlashORB automatically convert objects from the client request into the types of the targeted method.

* Custom serialization - Enhance default object serialization with custom serializers.

* Multi-tier security - Protect your services from malicious attacks. Establish role based services access schemes.

* Management console - Debug service invocations. Manage and control every aspect of the FlashORB server.

* Integration with multiple web services platforms - Leverage your web service software investment - FlashORB seamlessly integrates with Apache Axis, TME GLUE and Systinet WASP.

All of these features are unique to FlashORB and cannot be found in any other Flash Remoting solutions. For more information about the product or to download an evaluation copy visit http://www.flashorb.com

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