...the easy-to-use desktop application production software, enhanced with remote files download and system tray icon support

Taipei, Taiwan--August 20, 2003--FLASHANTS today release the new version of iceProjector V1.5, the powerful yet easy-to-use projector tool that enable flash designer to rapidly develop full-featured and internet-enabled rich media desktop application with pure flash design know-how.

IceProjector create desktop application from flash movie. And remove SWF file’s background to produce the stunning effect of windowless flash. Also extends the power of Flash with 30+ new fscommands to customize right-mouse-clicks menu, read/write system registry, launch external programs, execute shell commands, speedup full-screen animation, and control program behavior.

In the new 1.5 release, iceProjector enhanced with new features including the system tray icon and menu support and also the remote files download and local file management, to help easily implement the important functionalities of internet-enabled service agents or developing complex desktop application that updates contents from servers. Users can utilize the powerful iceProjector to create unprecedented fantastic programs including screen mates, desktop toys, splash screen, CD launchers, desktop branding & marketing tool, e-catalog, virtual pet games, Internet service agents, or any kind of rich internet application.

For more information about iceProjector and other products from FLASHANTS, please visit corporate website at: http://www.flashants.com. Or contact us at support@flashants.com or by phone at: +886-2-2657-7531 for more details. iceProjector is available for press evaluation. Please contact us for detail.

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