GhostWire Studios today released the GhostWire Components Set 1 today. The set consists of eight components developed based on the GhostWire Component Architecture:
- Button
- CheckBox
- ComboBox
- ListBox
- Panel
- RadioButton
- ScrollBar
- ScrollPane

These components are high-quality alternatives to the default FUI components shipped with Flash MX, and provides developers with more control and flexibility.

The GhostWire Component Architecture is an easy-to-understand, yet flexible and powerful architecture used to separate the visual assets totally from the behavioral code in Flash components. The architecture allows us to build extensible, lightweight and truly skinnable components. It promotes efficient code-reuse, team productivity, easy updating, and most importantly, empowers designers with the ability to create skins for components with ease.

For more information, please refer to the following links:

GhostWire Component Architecture

GhostWire Components Set 1