Blue Pacific Software, today released the new version of its dynamic Flash generating server tool - Turbine version 7. The new version comes with a .NET interface and a COM interface and with a whole new and expressive language called MML and a JavaScript compiler that allows compilation of Action Script on the fly. A PHP interface, both for Windows and Linux, will follow soon.

Turbine is a professional server tool that integrates dynamic content into rich Flash media, allowing a clean separation between Presentation from Content. As a result of its sophisticated media-independent architecture, Turbine will soon allow output to other media formats like PDF, SVG and several image formats, by just developing additional plug-ins. The new version of Turbine also includes a whole new XML language and a JavaScript compiler.

Additional new features of Turbine 7 include:

- An easy to use Turbine Media Markup Language that can express all the
rich media capabilities: text, images, shapes, movie clips, buttons,
scripting, video and audio
- Extensive data integration capabilities - from XML, ADO.NET Data Sets,
DataTables or DataViews, ADO RecordSets or plain old text files, local or
- Includes text, images, video and audio from a variety of formats, from
local or remote locations
- An Action Script (ECMA-262 Script or JavaScript) on-the-fly compiler
- Full Flash MX support with extensive component integration
- Server media caching

And quite a few more.

To download an evaluation of Turbine 7, please follow this link: