FLASHANTS releases SWF2Video Plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro, which enables import SWF files directly into Premiere project for composition.
Taipei, Taiwan— October 3, 2003—FLASHANTS release SWF2Video Plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro. This new plug-in supports the newly released Adobe Premiere Pro and also the previous versions of Premiere 6.0 and 6.5

SWF2Video Plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro is extremely useful for all Premiere users. It enables the direct import of Flash SWF files into Adobe Premiere with full support of movie-clips and action-scripts in flash movies. So you can import flash into Premiere and then export to mpeg 1, mpeg 2, wmv, or other video formats supported by Premiere. This makes it extremely easy to produce DVD, VCD works from flash movies.

And as the plug-in supports alpha channel keying so users can easily superimpose the SWF clips over other video clips. This plug-in introduce the most cost-effective and simplest way to produce stunning video titles or complex animation effect, by introducing the brilliant flash contents into video-editing work.
Major features of SWF2Video Plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro include:
• Import Flash SWF files into Adobe Premiere directly.
• Support alpha channel, you can compose SWF files with other video/image files or clips.
• Support any dimensions that Premiere supports.
• Support two render sequence mode: 'Frame by frame' and 'Normal'.
• Support movie clips and action scripts in SWF files.
• SWF clips can be stretched to any length dynamically in Premiere timeline.
• Support "Keep original SWF aspect ratio" option.
• Support Flash 4/ Flash 5/ Flash MX.
• Very easy to use.
For more information about SWF2Video plug-in and other products from FLASHANTS, please visit corporate website at: http://www.flashants.com. Or contact us at support@flashants.com
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