Software & design development firm EGO7 has introduced two web-based solutions called CMSMX and ComMX. For the first time, enterprises can now architect, produce, and manage the next generation of content management while delivering rich internet applications to its users. After two years of development, EGO7 has created a solution that has evolved into its own platform to aid site development with its hybrid software solution completely built in FlashMX. EGO7 solutions are unique in that they can be accessed using a standard a web browser enabling companies to manage a number of sites from a variety of locations. The introduction of CMSMX and ComMX will enable businesses and developers of web content to lower the costs of site building and administration while at the same time offer an engaging, dynamic user interface, thus driving sales and user traffic.

Demo (5.2 Megs) is avalable here PC | MAC

The CMSMX solution is a suite of template-based administration modules, that once built allow webmasters or editors to easily add text, media and data driven content to any website. One key benefit of having a full set of administration tools like CMSMX it that it does not require webmasters to have flash development skills nor does it require editors to have any technical abilities. By creating a collaborative environment managing dozens web properties, businesses can now execute full content management in a seamless, productive, and time saving way. Webmasters and now content creators will have the simple means to update, text, images, and media.

ComMX is a communication portal that provides its members, customers, and/or affinity groups with a variety of features including: instant messaging, video messaging, 2-Way video chat, group chat, video conference, news feeds, polling, streaming audio/video and more. ComMX In a unique, almost surreal (web-based) desktop environment that features both communication and media modules that can be accessed simultaneously, enabling users to multi-task without reloading web pages.