Ever wanted to create an adventure game in Flash? Try the new Flash Adventure Construction Engine (FACE).

What is FACE?
As the name says - instead of just playing the user can build his own adventure based on the Flash 6 Plug-In without having knowledge of programming.

Where can I find out more? http://www.face-engine.com (site is in German)

What does FACE offer?
It is possible to make point-and-click Adventures like Monkey Island™ and Indiana Jones™ without writing a single line of source code.

What is new about F.A.C.E. ?
The finished adventures can be played instantly online. It's very easy to put an adventure on your homepage (a single link). It's not necessary to download an .exe or anything else and risk to get a virus.

As far as the authors of FACE know, theirs is the only such engine which requires no programming knowledge.

What does FACE cost?
Nothing - F.A.C.E. is a non-profit project of the F3 Multimedia agency in Berlin. But if F.A.C.E. is used commercial this is to be arranged with us.

If there's a small community we will find sponsors who give prices for the best adventures.