Flash Juggling gets Boost with Dual-Engine and More!

WELLINGBOROUGH, UK – Jan. 28, 2004 – Building on the success of FlashJester
Jugglor, 3rd Eye Solutions Limited, a UK-based software house and multimedia
company, announces the introduction of Jugglor v2.0. Jugglor, launched in 1996,
holds court as the first third-party tool created to transform Projector files into standalone
programs for CD-ROMs, stand-alone movies, interactive demos, catalogs and
more. Jugglor v2.0 takes Flash performance to the next level with dual-engine support
for both Projectors and SWFs and includes even more features that Macromedia left

With the release of version 2.0 also comes two choices: Jugglor Pro or Jugglor
Standard. FlashJester recommends that current Jugglor users upgrade to Pro as it has
the premier collection of features. The Standard version will be available for those
who want the same format as the original Jugglor with the addition of many exciting
new features and a lower entry point.
For Jugglor Pro v2.0, in addition to its new dual-engine, it features a Self-Installing
File Builder, Active X Installation, Toy Creation and Dynamic Shaping capabilities.
Jugglor Pro v2.0 has a new look complete with Flash menus to make the entire
application a truly interactive experience.
“Jugglor v2.0 is all about giving more power and control to the developer. We asked
Jugglor fans what they still needed in their quest to create the ultimate stand-alone
product and we delivered version 2.0,” said Davendra Patel, CEO of 3rd Eye Solutions
Limited and Big Chief Jester. “It’s an exciting time as there are so many great new
features and capabilities. It’s an entirely new product!”
The dual-engine capability found in both Jugglor Pro and Standard v2.0 now allows
people the choice to play SWF files using the Flash Active X Plugin or play Projector
files using Jugglor’s new improved engine.
Within Jugglor Pro, the developer can control the look of any Flash file with the
Dynamic Shaping capability. Adding a shape of transparent colour around the
existing shape is all that needs to be done. The engine can also handle multiple
transparent shapes and will transform the Flash file from shape to shape. There’s no
need to clip and select regions, so it’s easy to use. It supports TRUE Desktop
transparency 32, 24 and 16 bit with anti-aliasing, on all OS Win
95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP. It also uses a minimum amount of CPU processing time --
less CPU than the Macromedia Projector in normal mode.
For some comic relief, Jugglor Pro v 2.0 gives new life to Flash-created characters
and turns them into desktop toys that can be dragged, dropped, bounced and more in
the Flash FLA file. The character can be controlled with special written commands
and Actionscript or Jugglor v2.0 can control the movements.
Jugglor Pro and Standard & all FlashJester products support Flash 3/4/5/MX/MX2004
& Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
To learn more about Jugglor v2.0, visit http://www.jugglor.com. A downloadable trial
version is available on the site. Jugglor Pro sells for $396 and Jugglor Standard sells
for $249. Upgrades from the original Jugglor to Pro are $269 and to Standard are
$119. For sales or marketing questions, please contact marketing@flashjester.com.
Jugglor v2.0 (http://www.flashjester.com), part of the FlashJester collection of tools,
turns Flash Projector and SWF files into amazing stand-alone products. Parent
company, 3rd Eye Solutions Limited (http://www.3rdeye.co.uk) is a fast-growing
software house and multimedia company providing creative visions for multimedia,
programming, screensavers and the Internet. Headquartered in Wellingborough, UK,
3rd Eye Solutions was founded in 1996. Other 3rd Eye Solutions companies include
Grab and Send (http://www.grabandsend.com), Screen Booty
(http://www.screenbooty.com) and Slick TV Studio (http://www.slicktv.com ).