FlashORB.Net is a powerful and lightweight server-side alternative to Flash Remoting MX. It can accept inspection and invocation requests from Flash Remoting components and execute them on a variety of server-side objects, including .Net classes, ADO.Net data sources and web services. FlashORB.Net supports Action Message Format (AMF) and, as a result, does not require any changes on the client side. All existing Flash MX Remoting clients can use FlashORB.Net transparently, while also employing a significantly less intrusive design, greater functionality and gaining a noticeable performance boost.

In short, FlashORB.Net allows developers to build enterprise applications leveraging .Net in the middle tier and Flash for the presentation layer; this combination of .Net with Flash, enables an unparallel user experience with a seamless integration of both rich client interfaces and an enterprise development platform.

Useful Links
- FlashORB web site: http://www.flashorb.com
- FlashORB Interest Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/flashorb/