New release empowers organisations to effectively publish and manage policies and procedures online

SYDNEY Australia – 27 February 2004 - Macromedia (Nasdaq: MACR) announced the immediate availability of Macromedia RoboInfo 5.0. Macromedia acquired eHelp, the makers of RoboInfo, in December 2003. RoboInfo enables organisations to easily and cost-effectively publish and manage policies and procedures online. Once the information is published, end users can easily find what they need via a table of contents, index and glossary. RoboInfo 5.0 contains new robust content management features such as workflow audit trails, version control with document rollback and administrator permissions that empower organisations to obtain complete control of their online policies and procedures from creation through delivery. For more information on RoboInfo, visit

"RoboInfo 5.0 provides any size organisation with the power to efficiently publish and manage policies and procedures online," said Anthony Olivier, senior vice president and general manager, Macromedia. "The powerful new content management features in RoboInfo 5.0 make it simple for heavily regulated organisations to supply employees with the critical information needed to ensure compliance with initiatives in the government, finance and healthcare industries."

Information technology managers, human resources professionals and call centre managers use RoboInfo to deliver everything online, from employee manuals and reference materials to policies and procedures. Workflow audit trails in RoboInfo 5.0 enable users to know company documentation is accurate, legal, and compliant with industry and corporate standards by providing an in-depth look at when documents were changed, who changed them and exactly what was changed. Users can also maintain control over their documentation by cataloguing document changes using the robust document version control in RoboInfo, which is capable of rolling content back to a previous version and ideal for document recovery. File check-in and check-out capabilities enable team members to work simultaneously on a single project. RoboInfo also empowers administrators to create controlled workgroups in order to allow permission-based content creation at the user, folder or file level.

"RoboInfo makes content organisation and changes a breeze," said Michael Vest, application designer and developer, U.S. Coast Guard. "The search feature enables the user to scan large quantities of information quickly and efficiently. The new glossary and pop-up features will also enable us to deliver information in meaningful ways. RoboInfo is a wonderful performance support tool!"

RoboInfo Pro takes all of the features of RoboInfo and adds additional powerful features. RoboInfo Pro enables detailed usage feedback reports to help optimise content to be more effective for its intended audience. Powerful natural-language search as well as full-text searches for non-English languages, enable end users to easily find relevant information. For more information on the new features in RoboInfo and RoboInfo Pro, visit

"I use RoboInfo Pro to create and manage a customer service system for three call centres throughout Kentucky to provide our agents with immediate access to up-to-date training content for dealing with customers," said Annalee Cato Worthington, technical communications specialist, Louisville Gas & Electric. "RoboInfo Pro allows me to efficiently disseminate that material, track additional training needs and get feedback on the process. RoboInfo Pro is powerful, clear and efficient. It makes my life a whole lot easier, and new features like natural language searching, feedback and the strong indexing features will further enable me to manage a very large documentation project with confidence."

RoboInfo and Contribute can be used together to create vibrant, useful intranet sites for organisations. Contribute enables non-technical users to frequently update site content with time critical information, while RoboInfo takes the pain out of publishing and navigating structured documents like manuals and policy documents.


RoboInfo 5.0 is priced at AUD$1260 with RoboInfo Pro 5.0 priced at AUD$2830 and both are available for immediate purchase from the Macromedia Online Store at Upgrades for RoboInfo are priced at AUD$785, with RoboInfo Pro at AUD$1575.


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