Mean Tangerine begins business operations with its first product line,
pixel fonts. Featuring a unique site design that places its products
within its logo presence, Mean Tangerine showcases an initial release
of 82 pixel fonts, with over 300 more in active development. In
addition to this number, Mean Tangerine will begin rolling out
hand-aliased versions of its pixel fonts in the coming weeks.

Serving the art community is integral to the Mean Tangerine business
plan. This philosophy can be seen a number of ways. Type designers are
invited to showcase and sell their work on Mean Tangerine without
having to forfeit a cut of their sales. All fonts are priced affordably
at $10 per font, or $100 for the entire library. That’s $1.32 each.
Designers are invited to showcase their creations on Mean Tangerine,
and Mean Tangerine Libraries are offered free to design studios willing
to accept a sponsorship agreement.

But best of all, Mean Tangerine pixel fonts are fun. The library offers
a wide variety of styles, from Industrial and Techno to Sci-Fi and
Avant-garde, from Sans and Serif to Deconstructed and Experimental.
These digital assets come in all shapes and sizes, and many of them
will compete with traditional Postscript fonts for layout space.

Mean Tangerine pixel fonts are designed for screen use, and when set
according to their recommended guidelines, will not blur in
applications like Macromedia Flash or Adobe Photoshop. Mean Tangerine
welcomes all inquiries, and can be reached using the contact
information below.