Evanston, IL, USA - 2 March 2004 - Selteco today announced the release of the new version of Flash Designer 4 for Windows - a software tool for Web designers who want to use Macromedia Flash technology on their Web site.

Flash Designer allows you to create Flash movies with animated images, texts and shapes. Users can use more than 130 predefined animation effects like Fade, Zoom, and Rotate. The built-in preview browser displays the movie exactly as it will appear on the Web.

Once the animation is completed, the user can export a SWF file and generate the HTML code necessary to integrate the Flash movie with the Web page. Novice developers can export a sample HTML page with an embedded SWF file. Flash animations can play in opaque or in transparent mode, which allows placing the movie over other Web page elements.

Designers can put repetitive elements on master frames and use them as the background for other frames, or use clones of large items to reduce output file size. Shapes - rectangles, circles and polygons can have solid, gradient or bitmap fill, custom border color and width. Users can change the stacking order of the elements, put them on different layers, group or ungroup items, set item opacity to create a semi-transparency effect, and move and align items using rulers, mouse, keyboard or menu commands.

Flash Designer can import graphics in the most popular formats - gif, jpeg, bmp and animated gif. The application allows simple image processing, resizing, rotation, cropping and erasing. Users can also import and animate thousands of SWF clipart files available in online Flash libraries.

The slideshow wizard allows photo enthusiasts to create slideshows of their images in a few mouse clicks. Slides can fade, fly or roll between the frames.

Each object can be animated independently by applying intro and outro transformation effects - moving, stretching, and rotating in various combinations. To simplify the process, users can choose one of the predefined effects, or define "tween" animation between the frames.

Flash Designer supports sound in WAV or MP3 format. The user can assign a sound to a frame or to an item, and define the sound to be played when a mouse event occurs (on click, on over, and on up).

The application supports both vector and system fonts. Users can enter the text, and format it using basic HTML tags like B, I or LI, or use text animation effects by animating each letter independently.

Advanced designers can program the behavior of the elements in ActionScript. All items can respond to mouse events (on click, on over, and on up). Developers can use editable text fields and read or assign values to them, or pass parameters to the movie using a query string in HTML code. Flash Designer supports basic functions like gotoAndPlay and all built-in ActionScript functions and classes (compatible with Flash MX).

The program comes with extensive help files, 2 tutorials and 25 example animations that demonstrate basic features of the application.

The product costs $39.00(US) (downloadable) or $49.00(US) (boxed).

Product home page http://www.selteco.com/flashdesigner/

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Selteco develops easy-to-use, and affordable solutions that allow even amateur Web designers achieve professional results with minimum skills required. Currently the product range includes "Bannershop GIF Animator", a tool for creating GIF animations, "Flash Designer", and "Menu Maker" for creating drop-down menus that simplify Web site navigation. Selteco Software distributes its products in electronic form via the Internet, and provides try-before-you-buy versions of its software. For more information on company products, please visit Selteco's Web site at www.selteco.com