Latest Development from 3rd Eye Solutions Limited Connects Internet and Desktop for Dynamic Content Delivery

WELLINGBOROUGH, UK - Feb. 25, 2004 - 3rd Eye Solutions Limited, a software house and multimedia company, introduces the breakthrough multimedia development tool, Slick TV Studio. Slick TV Studio brings together all the tools in one place to create custom multimedia applications that support the Internet's leading media distribution formats; help establish a strategic desktop position; and push streaming and downloadable content to application users instantly.

With its rapid design and development interface, Slick TV Studio requires no programming skills. Now individuals or businesses don't have to invest time and money in developing multimedia applications from scratch or work with multiple programmes. The Slick TV Studio solution offers a fast and affordable way to open new channels for application development, online and offline communication and brand building, and dynamic content delivery.

Customisation is a key feature of Slick TV Studio, so the user can create a branded application to represent a company/organisation, product or brand. It's an impressive way to showcase new, updated content and offer entertainment, e-commerce, e-learning, Flash movies, SWFs, wallpapers, Video movies, even pay-to-view content and live chat rooms. Slick TV Studio will also play any media video file that Windows, Real, or QuickTime Media supports. Websites can be featured in the application and be viewed online and offline.

Mr. Furniture, an online catalogue of 3-D interior furnishings, used Slick TV Studio to create its standalone downloadable browser featuring 3-D furniture models and 3-D textures for architectural illustration, interior décor visualisation and renderings. People can download the browser to their desktop and as Mr. Furniture updates and adds 3-D models, the information and images will be pushed to the users' browsers and automatically updated. The browser is available at

For companies that want to create an employee or client-only communication channel, Slick TV Studio lets them create a multimedia player that can be distributed via download or by CD. Once the employees or clients have the unit on their desktop, the company can distribute dynamic content such as web pages, movie files or Flash files to it instantly for ongoing updates.

Developed for Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP, Slick TV Studio supports ActiveX equivalent of Windows Media, the IE web browser and Real One, QuickTime, Java and other functions if used in web browser. Slick TV Studio offers two versions of the product, Pro and Standard, to meet the needs of users. Both Standard and Pro share the same easy-to-use interface, while the Pro version is more feature intensive and features the Content Management System which allows for the ongoing pushing of content to the users' desktop.

"Slick TV Studio will change the way people think about online content delivery. The dynamic experience that you can create with Slick TV is really impressive and the fact that the developer can continually push new content to the application once it's distributed is what sets this program apart," said Davenndra Pateel, CEO of 3rd Eye Solutions Limtied. "We've invested a lot of time in the development to ensure the program is accessible to people who want to build multimedia applications, but don't necessarily have programming backgrounds."

Cost for the Slick TV Studio Pro version is $699 (USD) and $399 for the Standard version. If people purchase the Standard version, they may upgrade at anytime to Pro for $300. To learn more about Slick TV Studio, visit A downloadable trial version is available on the site. For sales or marketing questions, please contact

Slick TV Studio ( is the tool to develop multimedia applications that connect the Internet and the desktop. 3rd Eye Solutions Limited ( is a fast-growing software house and multimedia company providing creative visions for multimedia, programming, screensavers and the Internet. Headquartered in Wellingborough, UK, 3rd Eye Solutions was founded in 1996. Other 3rd Eye Solutions companies include FlashJester (, Grab and Send ( and Screen Booty ( .