Create High-Impact Active Content for the Most Valuable Real Estate in Cyberspace - the PC Desktop

ESCONDIDO, Calif., April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- ScreenTime Media, the company that pioneered Flash enabled screensavers as promotional and marketing tools, today released version 1.2 of its Flash based active desktop creation tool for Macintosh and Windows.

SWF Desktop 1.2 adds full support for Flash MX 2004 and includes many performance and user experience improvements.

SWF Desktop enables designers and marketeers to create dynamic wallpaper -- active desktops -- that can deliver branded, updateable content, images, animations, news, calendars, links, web applications and games directly to users' desktops. This gives end users a much more interesting desktop experience and greatly improves campaign uptake.

"SWF Desktop lets you push content that consumers want directly to their desktop. You can't really ask for better than that," said Michael Levine, president of Massachusetts-based Pileated Pictures, a creator of online advergames and interactive content that began using the SWF Desktop shortly after it was released. "It's an innovative and powerful way to reach consumers online."

Nintendo has created an interactive desktop to promote the release of a new GameBoy Advance title called "Golden Sun: The Lost Age." The desktop, created by Seattle-based POP Multimedia, depicted characters from the game and linked gamers to weekly episode updates on the Golden Sun site. The desktop also included teasers for upcoming episodes to keep interest high.

Tim Stout, a designer for Hallmark Cards says "Downloads for our new active wallpaper have been much higher than for the static desktops we have offered on for some time. This is very popular with our customers."

The new Mac OS X version includes a revised active desktop playback engine, providing improved remote and local file handling, improved bitmap rendering, an integrated preferences panel with options to preview and un- install wallpaper, and support for Expose.

Version 1.2 for Windows includes a revised installer engine with significant speed improvements, improved Flash 7 plug-in detection and installation; overwrite protection for existing wallpaper, and "limited user privileges" detection and support.

How SWF Desktop Works

SWF Desktop enables developers to create Flash based active desktops in three easy steps -- just design the desktop content in Flash, open the Flash file with SWF Desktop, and click the "Build" button. SWF Desktop automatically generates a one-click application that will install the wallpaper and set it as the current desktop.

Wallpapers can include vector graphics, pictures, animations, interactive controls, XML news feeds, web services, applications, hyperlinks, video, and chat rooms. Almost anything that can be done in Flash can be incorporated into a SWF Desktop wallpaper.

Specifications and Pricing

SWF Desktop supports Flash 4 through MX 2004.

SWF Desktop for Windows is compatible with Windows 95 thru XP. SWF Desktop for MAC OS X is compatible with Mac OS 10.2 & 10.3

SWF Desktop is available direct from ScreenTime Media at for $99.95 with an unlimited distribution license. Upgrades from previous versions are free to registered users.

A free trial edition can be downloaded at

About ScreenTime Media

ScreenTime Media software enables designers and advertisers to publish today's dynamic content to the most valued real estate in cyberspace -- the audience's computer desktop. ScreenTime Media established screen savers as a powerful cost effective marketing tool by creating the first software that easily converted Macromedia Director (1995) and Flash animations (1997) into screen savers. Today, nine of the top ten interactive ad agencies use ScreenTime Media products as an integral part of their online marketing campaigns, and thousands of screen savers and active desktops created with the company's software are installed on millions of computers worldwide. For more information, visit or call ScreenTime Media at 760/747-5995.