Barcelona, Spain - July 24, 2004. The European Flash Conference will take place in November in Barcelona. This global conference is constructed to offer technical, conceptual, inspirational and business sessions that educates attendees through real-world, how-to-techniques and tips on better design and development on the web and beyond.

One of the main aims of this conference is using knowledge transfer to create the conditions for exploiting the full potential of web and Internet technologies, whilst simultaneously giving the Flash community the chance to network and explore new opportunities.

The European Flash Conference Barcelona 2004 will feature:

- Hands on work in-depth technical seminars
- European Flash Film Festival
- Flash Jam Session | Multimedia Jam Session | contest
- ActionScript Masters Contest
- Technology showcases
- Inspirational and conceptual seminars
- Presentations and Signing book sessions

The European Flash Conference is a platform for interaction, discovery, and creative input to help extend your knowledge and find out how to strengthen your career in the professional community. Forge a path into new technology and development.

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