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Escondido CA (August 10, 2004) - ScreenTime Media, the company that first took Flash beyond the browser, today announced the release of mProjector 2.0, a tool that revolutionizes Windows application development.

mProjector 2.0 extends the Macromedia® Flash(TM) development environment, enabling Flash users to create full-blown Windows applications. mProjector unleashes the graphic power of Flash onto the desktop and adds synchronous desktop application functionality and native Windows COM access to Flash ActionScript.

Web development firms have been looking for a way to apply their Flash design skills to the desktop. Windows developers are being pressed to build graphically appealing, internet-savvy applications. mProjector 2.0 meets these needs, enabling users to make creative and powerful applications that old-school development tools can't touch.

With mProjector and Flash, users can create applications ranging from system tray apps and desktop sprites, to toolbars and full blown, multi-window applications.

Sample Applications

Beck Interactive uses mProjector to develop desktop applications for a variety of clients. Most recently, they developed the Digi-Dojo for I-Ninja, the latest PlayStation game from Namco. Digi-Dojo is a fun 'Desktop Communicator' that keeps users up to date with the latest game tips, news, and activities. The application is available for download at

Robert Beck, CTO and President of Beck Interactive, says "mProjector shines with features that we have not found anywhere else -- when combined with our database-driven content management back-ends, we can provide communication directly on the user's desktop in the form of highly engaging animated desktop widgets."

Additional sample applications are available at .


mProjector extends Flash to the desktop through six powerful ActionScript (AS) native objects: mRegistry, mFile, mApplication, mMenu, mSystem, and mWindow. mProjector objects and their documentation install directly into the Flash authoring environment.

mProjector objects use AS syntax and do not require FSCommands or callbacks. mProjector methods run synchronously, returning results immediately.

Users can create "Flash-shaped" windows which change shape in real time. mProjector windowless playback supports 98/Me/NT/2000/XP and is vector-based - no bitmap masking is required. mProjector playback supports transparency and input objects at the same time.

mProjector applications can have multiple windows, each playing a different Flash movie. Windows can communicate synchronously, any method defined in a window can be called by any other mProjector window.

Since mProjector's objects won't always be enough, mProjector provides native AS access to the entire Windows API. If the user needs to launch Windows message boxes or access a Windows database, mProjector enables the user to instantiate the necessary COM object. The COM object's methods and properties can be accessed through AS, as if they were native AS functions.

mProjector has an expandable architecture. Users can add their own functionality by publishing C++, C#, Delphi, Visual Basic, etc. as a standard COM object.

Pricing and Licensing

mProjector is available direct from ScreenTime Media at for $299. Upgrades from previous versions are $99 to registered users.

The standard edition of mProjector enables users to create and distribute an unlimited number of applications, royalty free.

A free trial edition can be downloaded at

Source code licenses of mProjector are also available. mProjector source code licensing can be a powerful and cost-effective option for companies to add windowless playback to proprietary C-based applications.

About ScreenTime Media

ScreenTime Media software enables designers, developers, and advertisers to publish Flash content to the most valued real estate in cyberspace - the computer desktop. Today, thousands of Flash-based screen savers, active desktops, and desktop applications, created with the company’s software, are installed on millions of computers worldwide. For more information, visit or call ScreenTime Media at 760/747-5995.

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