Long-awaited documentation generator now ready for online purchase

HAMBURG, Germany, 18 October 2004 - Mirell Development (www.mirell.de) announced the online purchase availability of AS2Doc Professional for Windows - a long-awaited developer tool to generate documentation for ActionScript 2.0 based projects.

AS2Doc Professional allows you to create rich-content documentation in various output formats. Developers can write their custom output format styles using AS2Doc’s included Style (XSL) capability.

The documentation is generated by parsing and analyzing source code as well as reading comments out of ActionScript 2.0 based classes.

AS2Doc generates XML as intermediate format and allows configuration of the generation-process using the intuitive front-end or developer-friendly command line parameters.

AS2Doc supports custom comment tags, enables detailed class/packages selection and has various options to filter analyzed context.

Comment your classes while developing, start-up AS2Doc and generate your professional documentation with a matter of a click. No more hassle spending days writing your own documentation.

Generate CustomActions/Flash Panel Help/MXI Files for your components, printable and fully editable RTF Documentation, HTML Documentation for your project's API, raw XML output for your custom use and other output formats using bundled AS2Doc Styles; with more to be made available for download.

Additionally an updated 30-Day trial version has been released and is freely available for download!

AS2Doc Professional is now available for 79 EUR using online ordering and instant download from: http://www.as2doc.com

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