New releases provide quick, easy and powerful 3D design capabilities for Mac OS X users enabling direct integration of vector and raster-based 3D content into Macromedia Flash

Boulder, CO - October 21, 2004 - Today Electric Rain, Inc.® announced the immediate availability of Swift 3D® version 4.0 and Swift 3D Xpress for the Mac OS X platform. Swift 3D is a standalone application allowing designers to build and export vector and raster-based 3D animations to the Macromedia® Flash (SWF) file format, as well as other popular formats. Swift 3D Xpress is a plug-in for Macromedia Flash that instantly converts 2D artwork and text to 3D animations without leaving the Flash interface. The applications are both available now at

"We are thrilled to introduce the powerful new set of 3D modeling and animation features included in Swift 3D 4.0 to the Mac OS X community," said Mike Soucie, President of Electric Rain. "This new release expands on Swift 3D's renowned ease-of-use and unrivaled vector output, further solidifying its leadership in the 3D to Flash market. Swift 3D now allows designers using Mac OS X to quickly and easily output professional quality 3D animations, while providing unlimited room for growth through its new advanced modeling environment."

Key benefits of Swift 3D:
Provides powerful and easy-to-use 3D toolset built around concepts familiar to 2D designers
Exports high-quality, low-bandwidth vector and raster output to a variety of formats including SWF
Automatically converts imported 2D vector artwork (AI or EPS) into 3D objects
Imports existing 3D models in the 3DS & DXF formats
Offers tight integration with Macromedia Flash through proprietary Swift 3D Importer

Key features new to Swift 3D v4:
Advanced Modeling Environment: Build custom models with powerful polygon modeling toolset and enhanced bitmap texturing controls
Precise Animation Control: Designate the exact path of animated objects using Bezier curves with control handles
Drag-and-drop Galleries: Rapidly design 3D scenes using professionally built galleries of models, lighting schemes, animations, and bevels.
Workflow Enhancements: Improved Lathe and Extrusion Editor functionality, inclusion of cameras and lights within hierarchy, Web assistant and more
"Mac OS X, with Quartz Extreme, has the most advanced graphics architecture available," said Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "We are pleased to see Swift 3D take advantage of Mac OS X's OpenGL capabilities and give the Mac an impressive 3D package with which to create high-quality vector Flash output."

Swift 3D V4 is available immediately on the Mac OS X and Windows platforms. The SRP for Swift 3D V4 is $189.00 USD for the download and boxed CD version. Upgrades from previous versions of Swift 3D are $99.00. The SRP for Swift 3D Xpress is $129 USD. Both are currently available from the Electric Rain website at

As a special bonus, customers upgrading to Swift 3D V4 for Mac OS X within the first month of release will save $10 on the upgrade price and receive a free copy of Swift 3D Xpress along with a 3D model pack and resource CD.

Electric Rain is a fast moving multimedia software company with a vision of bringing easy-to-use 3D and multimedia tools to the masses. Through the release of Swift 3D, the Swift 3D plug-ins for 3ds max and Lightwave 3D, Electric Rain has quickly become the industry-leading developer of 3D-to-vector solutions. More information about Electric Rain, its products and technologies is available at or by calling 1-888-613-1500.