The xmlCalendar is a dynamically updatable event calendar for your Flash websites. It's fully customizable and skinnable. Both recurring and regular events can be entered either through XML or ActionScript. Compatible for use with Flash MX and Flash MX 2004 (both Standard and Professional).


- XML driven Flash calendar
- Dynamically updatable
- Allows for both singular and recurrent events
- Flexible recurrent event patterns (e.g. every 2nd Monday)
- Fully skinnable and customizable
- Flexible display options (e.g. initial date, first day of week)
- Custom event icons (e.g. birthdays, meetings, etc.)
- Definable range of dates to display
- Custom month and day names (in any language)
- Only 5Kb!

The regular price of this component is $29.95, however it's currently being offered for the introductory special price of $ 26.95. You can see it here: