Written by: BAHRAMI
Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Requirements: Flash 4 or 5. DOWNLOAD SOURCE

Works just for IE
In Netscape You'll see a regular pop-up window.

Step 1 - Download and extract this files to the archive where your flashbuttom lies.
Step 2 - Go to your flashbuttom and type the following an actionscript:

on (release) {
 getURL ("javascript:openIT()");

Step 3- Press F12 to puplish your flashbutton. Open up the HTML document that Flash created for you in an HTML editor and view the source. Insert the following JavaScript in between the <head></head> tags:

<script language="javaScript" type="text/javascript" realrealsrc="java.js" src="http://www.actionscript.org/resources/admin/java.js" src="http://www.actionscript.org/dev/admin/java.js"></SCRIPT>
 function openIT() {
 windowCERRARa = "close_a.gif"
 windowCERRARd = "close_d.gif"
 windowCERRARo = "close_o.gif"
 windowNONEgrf = "none.gif"
 windowCLOCK = "clock.gif"
 windowREALtit = " ? Task title"
 windowTIT = "<font face=verdana size=1> your chromless</font>"
 windowBORDERCOLOR = "#000000"
 windowBORDERCOLORsel = "#000000"
 windowTITBGCOLOR = "#FF0033"
 windowTITBGCOLORsel = "#FF0033"
 openchromeless(theURL, wname, W, H, windowCERRARa, windowCERRARd, windowCERRARo, windowNONEgrf, windowCLOCK, windowTIT, windowREALtit , windowBORDERCOLOR, windowBORDERCOLORsel, windowTITBGCOLOR, windowTITBGCOLORsel)

Step 4 - modify the script above with your own settings.That's it, you're done! Preview your page in a browser and check out your window.

A Final Note
Orriginal Chromeless Window Code by:
Gabriel Suchowolski aka. power[Z]one
www.microbians.com - www.onez.com