GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN - January 11, 2005 - Web designers looking for an easy way to create web animations will benefit from a new product called AcuteAnimator. Using a new approach to flash authoring, AcuteAnimator is configured through a plain text file. With simple commands one can pan, rotate, scale and fade images.

"Not everybody is a flash wizard", says Magnus Enarsson, CEO of Acute Systems Inc. "With AcuteAnimator, any web developer can create customized flash animations. They can get started right away without even installing any new software."

AcuteAnimator can be used for banners, site graphics, photo-albums and much more. The format is ideal for dynamic content that is regularly updated.

Today's release has established an adequate platform for future development, and further releases with added features are scheduled for this year.

- Fully configurable.
- Supports all major browsers and platforms.
- Small and fast loading.
- Supports dynamic content.
- Requires only Flash Player version 6.0 or later. Nothing else to install.
- All versions include lifetime support and updates.
- Multi-User licenses are available at reduced prices.

Acute Systems Incorporated, founded in 1998, is a software company located in Sweden. The company has had major success with its web applets, with sales to thousands of sites in more than 70 countries. These applets are available at With AcuteAnimator a new product is added to the Acute Product Family.