ePresenterPlus has just released XPCharting 1.1.

A significant upgrade with many new chart types added including Bubble, Scatter, StackedArea, Doughnut, 2D Pie, 2D shaded Pie and a full 3D Pie.

Many existing features have been extended and improved with gradient fills, rotated text, styling, graphical borders, chart bands and lines all allowing extensive customization to make a chart exactly the way you want.

XPCharting is a powerful set of AS2 Components and Classes for creating dynamic real time charts in Flash.
What sets XPCharting apart from other Flash charting solutions is this is no black box configurable only by changing a few parameters in an xml file but an advanced class based charting system that can be fully integrated directly into your Flash RIA application and can be directly accessed and controlled programmatically at run time.

* Compatible with Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX 2004 Professional
* Extensive UserGuide plus Reference Panel help
* Full source code
* Demo FLA-files included
* Free upgrades
* Free e-mail support
* Free Mailing List for tips and advice

If interested to know more then check out the online User Guide and Chart Gallery - XPCharting 1.1