GhostWire Studios has released GhostWire Components Set 7, featuring the ColorPicker, Loader and ProgressBar components.

The GhostWire ColorPicker component allows developers to create color selection UI controls that closely resembles those commonly used in applications. The range of colors that appear in the popup color palette is customizable.

The GhostWire Loader component allows developers to load an external JPEG or SWF file into an area specified by the boundaries of the component instance. This Flash component provides an easy way to load external content and resizing it automatically to fit an area. The component can be set to maintain the aspect ratio of the content when resizing.

The GhostWire ProgressBar allows developers to create progress indicators that can be used to inform users about the status of lengthy operations. The default skin allows you to create progressbars that closely resembles those seen in the Windows OS, including the ability to have loading text shown within the progressbar and having this text change color as the progressbar advances. The component is truly skinnable - we have also included an XP styled progressbar to demonstrate the ease of skinning.

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