Link proprietary "C " code into your Flash, quickly and easily.

Escondido-CA Mar 31, 2005 ScreenTime Media, the leading developer of Flash extensions for Macintosh and Windows, today announced its plugin architecture for mProjector for Windows. mProjector converts Macromedia Flash MX files into powerful, full featured applications - or simple compelling standalone widgets. The plugin architecture enables users to call their proprietary C code from within Flash, taking Rapid Application Development one step further.

Flash programmers using mProjector can quickly and easily create new user interfaces for legacy code, separate the "front end" from the "back end" of new products, and obtain access to any code previously available only to C programmers, all from within Flash.

mProjector already includes a powerful set of "mFunctions" accessible from within Flash. The plugin architecture enables users to add their own such functions -- to manipulate files, access databases, perform internet transactions, etc.

Along with the plugin SDK, ScreenTime shipped the first plugin; mFTP -- which enables users to FTP files (both uploading and downloading) from within Flash.

The SDK inlcudes a sample SWF, C source code for the plugin, and documentation in the source code and SWF, and can be downloaded at:

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