San Francisco April 6, 2005 ScreenTime Media today announced mProjector 1.1 for Mac OS X. mProjector converts Macromedia Flash MX files into powerful, full featured Mac applications or simple, compelling, standalone windowless widgets.

mProjector enables Flash designers and programmers to quickly and easily create full featured Mac applications with menus, file system access, internet connectivity, and much more - all at the click of a button. Applications can use standard Mac OS X windows, or play 'windowless' in frames of any shape.

Version 1.1 improves performance, with a redesigned memory manager and new APIs including AppleScript Interactive, Auto Email and Doc Launch. Now you can enhance mProjector's already powerful functionality using AppleScripts which talk back to Flash -- you can script anything from FTP to iTunes access. Auto Email allows you to compose and send emails from within Flash, and Doc Launch enables Flash to open external documents in their native applications.

Now users can add menus to Flash applications that call back into Flash, enabling any Flash or mProjector function to be activated from a menu. Animated window shapes enable mProjector applications to run in non-rectangular windows - and to change shape dynamically. The new File manager commands listFiles and listFolders turn Flash into a file search monster.

mProjector enhances Flash with a powerful set of 'mFunction APIs' accessible from within Flash. mFunctions accessible from within mProjector enable users to download files, capture screen shots, create, read, write and delete files and folders, change window level, size and position, set dock icon badges, set the active screen saver and wallpaper, and do much more.

Pricing: mProjector for Mac OS X is $199 and includes an unlimited distribution license for applications it creates. Upgrades to version 1.1 are free.

Screentime media has been taking Flash beyond the browser since 1997. Screentime products give Flash developers the ability to quickly and easily create Flash based screen savers, wallpaper and applications.

All Screentime software is available for the Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

A fully functional demonstration version is available form the Screentime Media website