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Blue Pacific Software Releases Rich Chart Server

Lisbon, Portugal - April 1, 2005 — Blue Pacific Software announced Rich Chart Server, a new server tool that generates captivating dynamic Flash charts from ASP.NET and Windows Forms applications. Use the included authoring tool to visually design a rich chart template which can include stunning animation effects, audio narration, text and image elements, links and tooltips, and any other type of visual customization. Apply the chart template to any available .NET data source or XML document to generate an interactive Flash chart with drill-downs, enabling sophisticated data navigation between multiple charts.

Rich Chart Server includes the following features:

Powerful data integration: Create dynamic charts from database, XML and any other data sources available in .NET.
Impressive Charts: Impress your audience by creating stunning Rich Media charts that transform your data into an enjoyable and captivating experience. Includes sophisticated 3D and shaded chart styles.
Interactivity: Create interactive charts with tooltips and drill-down links that can point to other charts and web documents, creating a truly interactive experience.
Includes Rich Chart Builder: Use the authoring tool to visually design impressive chart templates instead of wasting your time programming them. Or create your chart from a comprehensive API.
Communication: Annotate charts with text, images and audio narration - effective ways of describing the events behind the values.
Flash Rich Media: Publish the animated charts to Macromedia Flash format, viewable by over 98% of web users.
Templates and Layouts: Enhance your data charts with a wealth of professionally designed chart styles, axes styles and layouts.
ASP.NET and .NET: Closely integrated with the ASP.NET, generating Flash charts directly to the web browser. Also works from Windows Forms applications.
Efficient: Includes caching support for the generated charts, enhancing overall performance.
Unicode Support: Reach out international audiences by publishing your charts in Japanese, Chinese or any other language.
"Data charts are today a common presence in corporate websites and presentations. Rich Chart Server creates the most impressive charts in the market, transforming numbers into meaningful and engaging communication" said Jorge Diogo, CEO at Blue Pacific.


More information about Rich Chart Server, including animated Rich Media chart examples and a fully-featured evaluation version is available at:

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