Rich Application Development with Flash Gets a Bounce.

Escondido June 15, 2005. Screentime Media today announced mProjector 1.2 for Mac OS X. mProjector converts Macromedia Flash MX files into powerful, full featured Mac applications or simple compelling standalone desktop toys and widgets.

The famous Red Rubber Ball application, popular for some time on Windows, now also comes in a Mac OS X flavor. Red Rubber ball is a fun, free desktop toy ball you can toss around your screen. Complete source code for the ball is available with the purchase of mProjector. Red Rubber Ball Can be Downloaded for free from

mProjector enables Flash designers and programmers to quickly and easily create full featured Mac applications with menus, file system access, internet connectivity, and much more - all at the click of a button. Applications can use standard Mac OS X windows, or play windowless in frames of any shape.

Version 1.2 adds support for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), Full-Screen applications can now also be created simply by checking a button. mProjector applications can now roll up to a small size then expand at the click of a button. FTP has also been added with a new mFTP API. Japanese and other double-byte languages are also supported. Version 1.2 also improves playback performance and adds support for scrollWheel mice and Flash Remoting.

These new commands add to mProjectors already powerful set of mFunction APIs accessible from within Flash. Other mFunctions in mProjector enable applications to dynamically change window shape, download files, capture screen shots, create, read, write and delete files and folders, change window level, size and position, set dock icon badges, set the active screen saver and wallpaper and much more. The complete mProjector API set can be viewed at

More sample applications, along with their source code can be downloaded from

Pricing: mProjector for Mac OS X is $199 and includes an unlimited distribution license for applications it creates. Upgrades to version 1.2 are free.

Screentime media has been taking Flash beyond the browser since 1997. Screentime products give Flash developers the ability to quickly and easily create Flash-based screen savers, wallpaper, applications and desktop toys.

All Screentime software is available for the Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

A fully functional demonstration version is available form the Screentime Media website.