Create Full-Featured Flash MX Screen Savers for Tiger

Escondido June 20, 2005: ScreenTime Media today announced Screentime for Flash 2.6 for Mac OS X. Screentime for Flash converts Macromedia Flash MX files into powerful, full featured Mac OS 9 and X screen savers, with a one-click installer.

Version 2.6 adds support for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger). Multiple monitor interactivity and much better performance. There are also numerous under the hood improvements to internet connectivity, xml parsing, flash remoting and event handling. Screen savers can also include customized installer and settings windows.

Pricing: Screentime for Flash for Mac OS X starts at $199. Upgrades to version 2.6 are free for users of version 2.5, and $99 for other older versions.

Screentime media has been taking Flash beyond the browser since 1997. Screentime products give Flash developers the ability to quickly and easily create Flashbased screen savers, wallpaper and applications.

All Screentime software is available for the Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

A fully functional demonstration version is available form the Screentime Media website.

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