50 Custom Functions Enable New Ways To Create High-Impact Flash Screen Savers

Escondido September 7, 2005: ScreenTime Media today announced Screentime for Flash 3.0 for Windows and for Mac OS X. Screentime for Flash converts Macromedia Flash MX swf files into powerful, full featured screen savers - and then packages it into a customized one-click installer, making distribution as easy as pie.

Version 3.0 adds support for more than 50 new custom "STF" functions. These new functions expand the possibilities for Flash based screen savers; adding the ability to download files, set custom wallpapers, read, write, copy and delete files, detect if a computer is connected to the internet and much more - all from within Flash, using ActionScript. For a complete list of the new STF commands please visit http://www.screentime.com/software/stf/docs/

Sample screen savers, along with their source code demonstrating the STF functions, can be downloaded from http://www.screentime.com/software/stf/flas_v3.html

Pricing: Screentime for Flash for Mac OS X and Windows starts at $199. Upgrades to version 3.0 are free for users who purchased version 2.5 or later, and $99 for all other registered users.

Screentime Media has been enhancing Flash since 1997. Other Screentime products give Flash developers the ability to quickly and easily create Flash based applications and dynamic wallpapers.

All Screentime software is available for the Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

Free fully functional demonstration versions are available from the Screentime Media website.