Jugglor v2.2
Jugglor v2.2 is ready to go and its now has Flash 8 compatibility. Other new features include clone monitor support, improved security for your Flash files and a new design tool for frames, borders and skins. You can also create your own DLLs or JTool to add your own capabilities to Jugglor. It's been the #1 request for awhile, so now all of you Delphi, C++ and VB developers can write your own code and link right into Jugglor. http://www.jugglor.com

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Flash Handout
FlashJester introduces the first all-in-one tool to convert Flash SWFs and FLAs to PDFs. Your days of taking individual screenshots and exporting images from Flash are over once you get Flash Handout in your hands! The easy-to-use wizard format lets you capture the Flash in three different ways and print out a single Flash frame or frame-by-frame animation in a slideshow format.

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