Create Wicked Cool Desktop Widgets and Applications for Mac OS and Windows Using Adobe Flash 8 and mProjector.

Escondido CA- January 11 2006: Screentime Media today announced the release mProjector for Flash 8, for Mac OS X and Windows. The new version brings all the features of Flash 8 as well as Flash-shaped windows, and an enhanced set of cross-platform APIs to Mac and Windows Applications.

mProjector extends Flash 8 into a full-featured cross-platform application development environment, enabling Flash users to develop creative, jaw dropping connected widgets and applications for the Mac and Windows desktop. mProjector makes it easy to create multi-platform windowless widgets that have 'Flash Shaped Windows' or full blown multiple window applications with Menus, File IO, Window Handling and more. mProjector brings all the power of Flash to the desktop, in one easy-to-use package.

mProjector enhances Flash 8 with custom ActionScript classes that can for example create child windows, animate the Windows system tray or Mac dock icon, generate a unique user id, download files, check for an internet connection, get the mouse position, respond to activate/deactivate events, and more.

mProjector windows can be shaped using Flash animation, making it easy to create dynamic desktop toys and widgets - right from within Flash.

Twenty sample mProjector applications, along with their Flash source code can be downloaded from

Overview of mProjector Classes (Built right into Flash)

mAppplication: Class includes methods to capture screenshots, check to see if a computer is online, create windows and more.

mSystem: Class includes methods to choose files, execute other Applications, set the screen saver or wallpaper, get the computer name and more.

mWindow: Class includes methods to set window size, position and z-order. As well as the ability to minimize or close windows and more.

mFile: Class includes methods to read and write files, create and delete files and folders, rename files and more

mMenu: Class includes methods to create menus and menu items, add separators, link menus to custom flash functions and more.

mFtp: Class makes it easy to upload and download files from within Flash

mRegistry: Class simplifies Windows Registry handling.

All methods use Flash's 'dot' syntax, and include code completion and help within Flash.

Complete documentation of mProjector's custom classes can be found at The classes are installed directly into the Flash development environment and can be used as seamlessly as standard ActionScript

Pricing: mProjector is $199 for one OS or $299 for Mac OS X and Windows. Upgrades: Upgrades to mProjector for Flash 8 are free for all registered users.

Screentime Media has been enhancing Flash since 1997. Other Screentime products give Flash developers the ability to quickly and easily create Flash based screen savers and dynamic wallpapers.

All Screentime software is available for the Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. Free fully functional demonstration versions are available from the Screentime Media website.