WildPresenter makes creating Flash presentations a breeze

February 22, 2006 – Los Angeles, CA – Wildform, Inc. today announced the release of a new program, WildPresenter, which enables anyone to easily create outstanding Flash presentations, product demos, training videos, and sales & marketing materials.

WildPresenter provides an incredible value because it combines 8 essential presentation products into 1 great program at an unbeatable price. The program includes: 1) a screen recorder that can record anything you see or hear on your computer; 2) a unique PowerPoint to Flash converter that creates fully editable files including text, art, animations and transitions (and doesn’t require PowerPoint); 3) a video/audio converter; 4) a suite of drawing, flowcharting and text tools; 5) software to capture video and audio from a webcam, microphone and videotape; 6) an animation and transition generator; 7) a text effects engine; and 8) a user-friendly timeline editor to put it all together.

WildPresenter empowers customers to take advantage of the great interactive and animation capabilities of Flash without having to learn any programming. All the program’s features are available via a straightforward interface and easy to follow wizards that guide users through every step of a project.

WildPresenter also makes distributing presentations a snap. Its Flash output is perfect for the Internet, corporate intranets, CD-ROMs, and mobile devices and can be imported into many other programs, including PowerPoint and Dreamweaver. Moreover, viewers won’t have to download anything to see WildPresenter content since virtually all computers already have the Flash player installed. Additionally, the software outputs many other useful formats such as projectors, PDFs, HTML and old-fashioned paper, so the same WildPresenter project can be used for multiple applications.

Wildform CEO, Jonathan Blank, commented, “WildPresenter is like PowerPoint on steroids. It's a program that makes it easy for anyone to create attention getting Flash presentations that can be distributed to the widest possible audience.”

Wild Presenter, available for Windows, is being offered at a special introductory price of only $299 (list price is $499).

About Wildform: Wildform, based in LA, California, develops presentation, video and animation software, including WildPresenter, the Wild FX title & text animators, and the Video Library. Wildform technology has also been licensed to companies such as Sony, Autodesk, Quark, eHelp (acquired by Macromedia/Adobe) and On2. For more information about WildPresenter or Wildform, visit: www.wildform.com