Marmalade Multimedia is pleased to announce the release of FlashAmp 3 for Windows and Macintosh. FlashAmp is the sound-visualization utility for Macromedia Flash® 8 and MX2004.

Use FlashAmp 3 to quickly and easily synchronize sound in Flash...

  • Create perfectly synchronized audio animations and visualizations based on sound frequencies and amplitude.

  • FlashAmp is the quickest and easiest way to lip sync character animations in Flash.

  • Take advantage of the new imaging features in Flash 8 to create amazing audio visualizations with a level of performance that was previously impossible.

FlashAmp 3 is available now, with a bunch of new features including a Preview window with animated spectrum and waveform displays, and new spectrum and amplitude functions to give you more control over the audio data that you can use in Flash.

FlashAmp comes in three editions - Pro, Standard and Lite - so you can choose the functionality that suits you without having to pay for stuff you won't use.

All editions of FlashAmp are designed to be easy to use so you can quickly and easily generate the audio sync data that you can use in Flash. And once FlashAmp has produced the data you don't have to be an expert in ActionScript to get great results.

All three editions of FlashAmp are available for Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X. To get more information and download a demo version of FlashAmp 3 go to,