The FlashJAX v1.0 search engine uses a combination of Flash, AJAX, and SQL.

FlashJAX is a search engine that utilizes Flash and AJAX technology to provide the end user with instant results. Each key stroke creates an SQL query that is sent through PHP to MYSQL then compiles a dynamic RSS file through a PHP script that is brought back into Flash to populate the datagrid with the search results.

Requires: Flash MX 2004, PHPmyadmin, mySQL database

FlashJAX includes:

  • Source build file (FLA)

  • PHP files that connect to the database (PHP)

  • MYSQL sample script (SQL)

  • 24 hour customer support via email

Available for $250 for the full source code. (A video walk through of installation and customizing this application will soon be included in this package and sent to all customers that have already purchased FlashJAX.)

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