Book Information
Title: Macromedia Flash MX Upgrade Essentials
Author: Sham Bhangal.
Published by: Friends Of Ed.
RRP: USD $34.99 (Less at Amazon)
Format: Mass-market paperback
User Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Review By: Sean (PIXELWiT), for

At a glance: 8/10

Just like the title says; a very good book for those upgrading to Flash MX.


The Book:
Flash MX Upgrade Essentials is an excellent primer serving to educate those familiar with Flash 5 in the new ways of Flash MX. The book teaches in the format of concept followed by example and the concepts discussed seem accurately directed toward the majority of Flash MX users. There's something for everyone. Ranging from tips on tweaking the authoring environment to how, why and when to use Object Oriented Programming. If you're upgrading to MX with a firm understanding of Flash5 this book can help you overcome the common stumbling blocks associated with MX's learning curve.

Sham Bhangal has a smooth and easy writing style that tends to focus on the topic at hand without being overly dry. Some of the topics I value most deal with using movieClips as buttons, configuring the ActionScript editor, interacting with the browser, advanced components and advanced objects.

I felt the sections dealing with the Fill Transform tool and Static Text Formatting inappropriate as I believe both were available in Flash5. I know it must be tough to write about a multi-purpose tool such as Flash in a linear fashion but there seemed to be more "Don't worry about that now, I'll fill you in later" going on than I'm accustomed to.

On a scale of 0 to 10, I give this book an 8. It's easy to read and uses a sensible approach to problem solving. If you're one of the many people trying to earn a living with Flash, this book will most likely save you some headaches while increasing your Flash proficiency.