Book Information
Title: Flash 5 ActionScript Studio
Author(s): Bedar, Bhangal, et al.
Published by: Friends Of Ed.
RRP: USD $49.99
Format: Mass-market paperback
CD: No, Web instead.
User Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Review By: Jesse Stratford (

At a glance: 9/10
A great book for intermediate users with plentiful examples and excellent coverage of the practical applications of ActionScripts.

Friends Of Ed are known for the quality of their books, so I was really looking forward to reading my first from their extensive range. I've now joined the ranks of their supporters and added one more book to my 'to recommend' list.

The structure of the Friends Of Ed (FOE) range is very well thought out. The concept, in a nutshell, is that the Foundation series teaches you the basics, the Studio series expands your knowledge and the Masters series inspires you to push the limits of the technology, without holding your hand. As part of the Studio series, Flash 5 ActionScript Studio suits this description very well. The topics covered in the book are varied, practical and interesting. The theory is discussed carefully and succinctly and accompanied by ample code paraphrasing for intermediate users.
This book is not made for beginners: it perfectly targets emerging, intermediate level users who want to gain a strong understanding of how to use ActionScript to make powerful and dynamic web content. The early chapters on Classes and Methods cover these often bemusing topics very well and give good examples of their practical application. Like most books written for intermediate users, Flash 5 ActionScript Studio seems intent on explaining not only how to achieve an outcome, but also the best approach. Yes, I hear you saying "But there is no right approach to programming". I didn't say 'right' I said 'best'; there are always some ways that are better than others - it's a stylistic thing - and this book focuses on increasing the reader's appreciation of the merits of the various possible approaches.
One thing that appealed to me was the variation in styles as we switched from author to author. I was impressed at the fluidity of the topics, considering the fact that the book has nine contributing authors, each of whom is bound to have their own writing and programming style. I did find a few small glitches in the editing but only a nitpicker like me would ever notice or care about them.
Overall this is an excellent book. For people who like to get their hands dirty rather than just read theory, I would recommend it any day of the week and twice on Sundays. The range of topics covered, especially in the seven 'Talking to Flash' chapters, is wide and appropriate considering the objective of the series.