Title: Object-Oriented Macromedia Flash MX

Author: William Drol

Paperback: 504 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.23 x 9.20 x 7.42

RRP: USD $44.95(Less at Amazon)

Review By: William Drol

This is a good book to teach the basics of Object Oriented scripting in Flash. Although the title may sound like it is for the advanced programmers, this book is more likely valuable to those new to Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Topics span the realm of simple, easy to understand overview of OOP and methodically progress into reusable objects, MovieClip Class extensions, and dynamic menus rendered from XML. It also provides the basics of using XML with Flash and a handy little piece of code to determine the root node, which I have actually used in a "real" project.

This book does not come with a CDRom, but all of the code is available for download at http://www.billdrol.com. In addition, information related to the book that was not available when the book was published has been added to this website. Adding chapters to a book after it is published is a rather novel concept and I like it! Usually, you have to buy a second release of the book to get new chapters.

If you are just learning about Classes and Objects and need to understand more about them, this book is outstanding. If you are familiar with Classes, adding and extending properties or giving objects special inherited features, this book is will most likely not add anything new to your programming skills.

I liked the book and believe Mr. Drol did a nice job of taking a complex subject and simplifying it. This is a great book for the beginning user that wants to stretch his wings into the next dimension of Flash - Classes and Objects.

Written by: Kathy Manfredi