authorPOINT 3.7 has been released, which can now create SCORM and ADA compliant e-learning presentations for virtual learning environments or LMS. This is a powerful presentation tool for instructors and presenters, which is useful both for authoring educational and business presentations.

Raleigh, NC Sep 20, 2006 The much-awaited SCORM and ADA compliant authorPOINT 3.7 for LMS has been released by authorGEN. authorPOINT is a Flash presentation creation tool, which can be integrated into PowerPoint. E-learning presentations can be saved in SCORM and ADA compliant Flash format. This is particularly useful for instructors and presenters who want to create tutorials or build e-learning courses for LMS (Learning Management Systems).

E-tutoring lessons in Flash, with the tutor's video in the top-left corner, slides in the main panel, annotations under the slides, and quick index links in the left pane are very useful and usable in a presentation. Add to it the ability to output PowerPoint presentations to Flash, and you get the added advantage of making your presentations easily accessible on multiple devices and platforms.

Additional features in authorPOINT 3.7:

  • "Package to SCORM" option has been added in Content Manager to enable users to transform authorPOINT Flash presentations to SCORM compliant presentations, which can be directly uploaded to an LMS.
  • New "Pointer Tool" is now available in the slide-show window, when the presentation is being captured. This, along with annotations, results in better communication in the finished Flash presentation. This however, is only visible in flash outputs.
  • authorPOINT launch window now has a new VU meter to check microphone reception.
  • A new "Move to" feature has been added in Content Manager, using which, presentation(s) can be moved anywhere on a computer keeping them visible.
  • ADA compliant Flash player.
  • authorPOINT FTP-upload has been optimized for speed.

Detailed information regarding the new release is available here: authorPOINT 3.7 Release Notes.

About authorGEN Technologies: authorGEN Technologies provides e-learning software and services to enable virtual learning communication in online education.