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Flash Remoting: The Definitive Guide
By Tom Muck
September 2003
ISBN: 0-596-00401-X
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I've isolated the sections in this chapter into 10 items that you should remember when building your Flash Remoting applications:

  • Clearly separate the tasks for the application.

  • Clearly separate and optimize the functionality between client, server, and database.

  • Handle server downtime (lack of a connection) gracefully.

  • Use components wisely.

  • Maintain a clean API.

  • Optimize your loops and other code blocks that are executed repeatedly.

  • Use OOP or OOP concepts when possible.

  • Use broadcasters or callback functions in your responder objects.

  • Take advantage of incremental recordsets in ColdFusion.

  • Cache objects from the server whenever possible—on the client using a cache object or on the server using cachedwithin in ColdFusion or whatever caching functionality is at your disposal.

Wrapping Up

In this chapter, you learned some new techniques that will improve your Flash Remoting application development. Following best practices in your applications can make both the time you spend coding and the time your user spends browsing much more productive. For more information on best coding practices, see the resources cited in Appendix B.