Firefox is the way of the future. Sorry IE die-hards; I don't hate Microsoft, but I've seen IE7 and Firefox 2, and I don't see any need to come back to the fold of IE users. (And just for the record, about 40% of visitors to this site seem to feel the same way.)

One of the many great things about Firefox is the fact that it allows you to install a raft of plugins to do just about anything, with just a few clicks. Many of these plugins were originally geared towards HTML developers and designers, but more recently a number of great Flash-related Firefox plugins have begun to emerge.

One source of such plugins is Alessandro Crugnola. Many of you will know Alessandro better as Sephiroth of which is a particularly good site for Flash Platform developers who work with back-end technologies such as PHP.

But did you know Alessandro is also a Firefox-plugin-coder-extraordinaire? Well... he is! You can see his plugin list via Of particular interest to Flash Platform developers are the FlashTracer and Flash Switcher (win) plugins.

FlashTracer is a Firefox plugin which allows you to view the output of Flash ActionScript trace() actions from within your browser. It works for any Flash file so long as you have the appropriate Flash Player 9 plugin installed. I can't think of how many times I have needed a plugin like this.

Ever needed to check how your site would perform in various versions of Flash? (Ever had a customer?) Well, no longer do you have to stuff around with different computers, or different browsers to get the combinations and permutations you need. Flash Switcher (win) allows you to switch immediately between different versions of the Plash Player plugin with just a few clicks. You don't even have to restart Firefox!

Of course, if that's not enough for you, there's still our very own Quick Search Plugins which will let you search the Forums, Code Library and more from the Search dropdown built into Firefox.

If you have heard of a great Firefox plugin which is particularly useful to Flash Platform developers, please be sure to let us all know about it via this thread on the forums, or send me an email and I'll update this article. And yes, IE plugins are welcome too...

Happy Firefox Flashing!