December 4, 2006 – South Salem, NY - Spotted Dingo Inc. today announced the release of a new software application named Integrity, which utilizes Microsoft .NET technology to generate strongly typed XML and encrypted DataSet files (DES, Triple-DES, RC2 and Rijndael) from Microsoft Access Databases for secure data usage in Microsoft .NET WinForms or Adobe Flash desktop applications.

The key elements of the Integrity application are:

  • Requires no SQL statements to write, just one push of a button and Integrity can read up to 40 tables within a Microsoft Access Database.
  • All XML and encrypted DataSet files Integrity builds contain all the table data, constraints, Primary/Foreign Key relationships and Schema information that is defined in the original Microsoft Access Relational Database.
  • The XML and DataSet files can be easily added and serialized to either Adobe Flash desktop or Microsoft .NET (WinForms) applications, giving a complete, in-memory representation of the current Access database.
  • Build secure disconnected .NET applications that can sync-up the data with the main Access database quickly and easily.

The Integrity program comes in two configurations. The first version is for the Microsoft .NET programmer, and allows creation of both strongly typed XML and encrypted DataSet files for use within a .NET WinForms application. This version allows developers to chose between four encryption formats including DES (64-bit key), Triple-DES (192-bit key), RC2 (128-bit key), Rijndael (128-bit key) and non-encrypted XML output. The second configuration is a scaled down version of the first, and is designed for the Flash programmer to create strongly typed XML files for use within a Flash desktop application. Integrity is being offered at a special introductory price of only $99.95 for a single XML (Flash) developer license and $399.95 for a single XML/DataSet (.NET) developer license. For purchasing information please visit Spotted Dingo's website at and click on the 'Integrity' button.

About Spotted Dingo:

Spotted Dingo Inc., located in South Salem, NY develops business related computer and software applications, including the Tasmaina.dll, used to create 'DataGrid to PDF' applications easily from any ASP.NET website. Projects include building intelligent Microsoft .NET and Adobe Flash web and desktop applications, interactive and multimedia CD-ROM's, streaming media, websites and casual games. Spotted Dingo incorporates the best of design and technology practices to provide cohesive support of overall creative and code development strategies, visit: