The first thing we need to do is get the symbols ready. The first symbol we will create is a movie clip to hold our dynamic textbox. We will call it «letterMC».

In this movie clip, we will place a dynamic textbox right in the center. To get a reasonable size for the textbox, I inserted a capital "W" and gave it plenty of room. You can make the textbox as big as you want, but if it's too small you will have problems. The properties I used for the textbox are below. I assigned it an instance name of "rawLetter". The rest of the properties won't affect functionality.

Ok, this part is VERY important when you are modifying dynamic text. You have to embed the fonts. To do this, click the «Characters...» button in the bottom right corner of the properties panel (shown above). When you click the button, the following dialogue box will appear. Select the characters to embed and click OK.

Next, we will create a symbol that will hold «letterMC». In this symbol, we can animate the letter with tweens on the timeline, but in this tutorial, we are going to do the modifications in ActionScript. We will call this one «letterAni» because it is where all animations will take place. Create the symbol as shown below, with ActionScript identifier set to «letterAni».

Once it has been created, place «letterMC» in the center of it and give it an instance name of «letterMC». (The same way you assigned "rawLetter" to the dynamic textbox, using the properties panel)

And finally, we are ready to begin ActionScripting! We will be writing script in two locations, Frame 1 of the main scene and Frame 1 of the «letterAni» symbol. First, we will script the symbol, then we will move on to the scene. When the script for the symbol is finished, we can drag an instance onto the main stage to test it.