This tutorial will show you how to create a simple website using Flash MX and ActionScript. Lets jump right into it.

First open two new documents. The first document you opened, save it as "main" and save the second as "home". Now focus on the "home" movie. First we'll create a menu that contains three buttons; "Home", "Images" and "About Us". One of the things we're going to accomplish is to have threeseperate movies that act as each page of the website. When you click a button from the main movie, in our case the movie named "main", it will load a movie into an empty Movie Clip. Also, we will
want a nice smooth transition from one page to the next.

Create three more layers in the main timeline.Re-name the first layer of the "main" movie to "actions" and the second to "background", the third to "menu" and the fourth to "container". Select the "container" layer go to the "Insert" menu option and click "New Symbol". Create a MovieClip and name it "container". From the Library panel Drag-and-drop the object labeled "container" onto the stage and give it an instance name of "container". This will be the empty MovieClip that
will hold the movie pages (i.e home).

Select the background layer and import a background image onto the stage. This will be the background image for your site so try to pick a nice looking image. Position the background image appropriately.