Product Name: FlashLoaded flashTooltip Component
Price: $29.95
Provider: FlashLoaded
Score: 10/10

Overview: The flashTooltip Component is a very easy to use component built for general purpose tooltip effects in Flash for the designer and the developer.


  • Light weight : Only 6kb
  • Offers wide variety of effects
  • Customizable style
  • Easy to use for those who do not need to deal with the ActionScript
  • Provides wide variety of ActionScript API for those who need to deal with the ActionScript
  • Supports Flash MX 2004 and Flash 8, ie Flash Player 7 and Flash Player 8


  • The sample file that comes with the component does not show all the functionalities of the component

About flashTooltip Component:

We all know that the tooltip is one of the greatest elements of the modern user interface, and FlashLoaded has done a great job creating an easy to use, yet robust component that a designer or developer can both use.

Testing the whole process will take no more than 5 minutes.
  1. The component file comes as a standard MXP file format. Just install it with Macromedia Extension Manager and restart the Flash IDE to finish the installation process.
  2. Create a button in Flash.
  3. Give it an instance name.
  4. Drag and drop the flashTooltip component from the Component Panel onto that button you just created.
  5. Select the component on the stage and open up the Properties Panel.
  6. Make sure the value of the 'Target' field is set correctly. Flash 8 automatically picks up the instance name you dragged the component onto, but you will have to manually type it in in Flash MX 2004. Tweak any other values in the Properties Panel.
  7. Save the FLA file and Test Movie your first experiment with the flashTooltip Component.
The rest depends totally your creativity to create a great tooltip effect on your product. The flashTooltip component provides excellent additional functionalities which will only help you create just what you need.

I have used several other FlashLoaded components in the past and they all are quality products and their support is excellent as well. I always got a prompt answer from the support team when I had question with the product.

This component should be in your 'must have tools' list to save time for your ongoing projects and every penny is worth it if you ask me.

Here are few links where you can get more information on the FlashLoaded flashTooltip component.