Copenhagen – January 27, 2007 – The Flash Highscore Component allows you to easily set up your own Highscore on your or your clients website with a few simple steps.

You simply just send the players score & name to the admin module and the component takes care of the rest.

The component uses PHP & MySQL to store the information in a database.
Included in the component is also all the necessary php files and a custom made installation interface which makes its possible for non technical users to install it with ease.

The component can be customized to fit into every design, e.g.:
  • Change all graphic colours to exactly the colours you need
  • Change all text colours and size's.
  • Change line thickness, colour and alpha
  • Change spacing and edit mode
  • Change the number of HighScore entries used.


The Component uses 6 bit encryption of all data send to the server to avoid the scores being tampered with too easily

TRIAL version and complete feature list can be found at: