Tutorial name: Custom mouse Pointer
Tutorial purpose: I’ll teach you how to create custom mouse pointer
Written by: Syed Saud
Email : URL : http://www.saudsite.tk
Difficulty Level: beginner
Requirements: Flash 5
Download FLA

In this tutorial I’ll teach or try my best to teach you how to create a custom mouse pointer within movies .Let get to business now.
Run Flash and Click File>New.
Rename the first layer as Button
Now then on the first layer place or create a button (Use one from common library Window>Common Libraries>Buttons.

Now create or place any button you like (its not important.)
Press Ctrl+Enter to test your movie, I hope it’ll work fine .Now we’ll create a custom pointer.
Click on Insert>New Symbol (Or Simply press Ctrl+F8)

Name it as Cur and choose behavior as Movie Clip.

Create something which can be use as a pointer but make sure that pointer’s tip reside on the registration point( + symbol) of your movie.

If you like you can give any simple animation to the “cur”. But as I want to keep this tutorial simple please leave it unanimated. ?
Now click on Scene 1 to return on the main.
We’ll create a new layer and name it as “Drag”.Insert keyframe (F6)
Open the Library window if its now already open by clicking on the book icon or Window>Library or simplest of all hitting Ctrl+L

Drag n Drop the “cur “movie which you created for use as pointer on “Drag” layer.Now we have to give a pointer movie a instance name so we can easily apply action on it later.
Click on pointer movie and click on Show Instance button on the bottom right on your screen or just press Ctrl+I

Type a proper name, here we will call it “pointer”

Now its Action time ? Right click on Pointer and click on Actions Object Actions window should open.(Its mean you’re applying action on object not on Frame)
Click on Actions scroll down and click on startDrag.

On Target box type the name pointer and “,’1
Check the expression option,(its mean pointer is the thing we want flash to drag and 1 is value which mean “Yes” to Flash.)

onClipEvent (load) {
        startDrag (pointer,1);

Close and press Ctrl+Enter to check your movie.
Hope it works but the ugly Windows default pointer is sticking with your gorgeous one so we’ll hide it so it wont appear inside you movie.
Right click “Pointer” again, click Actions
On left side Click on Objects(it’s the very last)and click on Mouse > Hide.
Now Actions code for Pointer should look like this.

onClipEvent (load) {
        startDrag (pointer,1);
onClipEvent (load) {

Ctrl+Enter to test your movie.
Tip: To make pointer run smoothly you can change the Frame rate of the movie

Its my 1st ever tutorial ,so there might be some mistakes in it ,Please send your suggestions and I’ll be more that happy to respond you.
Thanks for your time.
Syed Saud
Email : URL : http://www.saudsite.tk